Get famous in The Sims 4

Want to taste the life of rich and famous? You can do that in a video game.

Big news for the fans of life simulation game The Sims as Electronic Arts announced last Friday the release of a new expansion pack The Sims 4: Get Famous. The new expansion pack is set to be released worldwide this Friday, November 16.

What to expect from the new expansion pack:

  1. A new world called Del Sol Valley. It comes with three neighborhoods: Mirage Park, The Pinnacles and Starlight Boulevard. At first glance the new world looks a bit disappointing. There are only 11 lots, from which only 2 are residential. This means that there are only 2 lots where you’ll be able to build and expand your virtual city.
  2. A hidden neighborhood called Plumbob Pictures.
  3. New careers. As the main theme of the game is getting famous, your Sims can now become actors. Similarly to another expansion pack called Get to Work, you can actually travel to work with your Sim and build their career while actively participating in it. Another example is Style Influencer, which is essentially a mix of a beauty guru and a YouTuber (can this get any more ridiculous?)
  4. New hairstyles, clothing and furniture.
  5. Drones, green screens, music and video production stations, sleeping pods.
  6. SHARKS as PETS.
  7. New Sim trait called self-absorbed (attention seeking Sims).
  8. New lot traits.
  9. Terrain manipulations (building hills, pits and more).
  10. First person camera view, meaning that you can see the world through the eyes of your pupil rather than watching over them from above. That is a feature introduced in the game for the first time in The Sims history.
  11. New skills: acting and media production.
  12. New aspirations: world-famous celebrity (popularity path) and Master Actor (creativity path).
  13. Hip Hop radio station.
  14. Sims features such as scars and golden teeth.


The Sims 4: Get Famous is going to be released for PC and consoles. Estimated price in the UK is £34.99. Does it look nice? Yeah. Is it worth paying 35 quid for an expansion pack? We will find out on Friday.

Find out how your Sim will get famous in the new expansion pack

Featured image: The New Expansion Pack’s logo from EA games. No copyright infringement is intended.

Words: Ugne Maladauskaite | Subbing: Adam Kaczyński

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