Germany out of the World Cup despite winning

Football player at the Qatar World Cup
Thomas Müller after the game. Photo credit: IQIYI Sport

Group E of the 2022 Qatar World Cup concluded its final round of matches.

Four-time World Cup winners Germany, came back from a 2-1 defeat at one stage, and managed to score three consecutive goals, beating Costa Rica 4-2.

Whilst Germany were playing Costa Rica, in another match in the same group, Japan defeated Spain.

Germany, who previously tied with Spain (1-1), finished third in the group. This was due to the low number of goals they scored and missed out on, based on rankings within the group.

This is the second consecutive World Cup that has yielded this result for Germany.

Germany’s Serge Gnabry scores with a header in the match|Screenshot from IQIYI Sport

After the match, head coach Hansi Flick said that the team only had themselves to blame for the exit from the World Cup group stage. He stated that the team had not performed well enough.

Flick’s task will now be reviewing the team’s performance and learning from their mistakes, in order to secure a successful outcome for Germany in the next World Cup.

However, Japan has played their way into the last round of 16. This is the first time an Asian team has done so.

Germany has been stopped in the group stage twice at the World Cup. This time, it’s because of Japan.

Japan’s Kaoru Mitoma passes the ball in the game before teammate Ao Tanaka scores|Screenshot from IQIYI Sports

There are many fans who believe that Spain and Japan are playing a “tacit” game in order to defeat Germany.

This is because Spain and Japan have recently established a partnership in youth football, women’s football, and referee training.

A win for Japan would allow both sides to qualify and put Spain on the better side of the table. Giving up the top spot in the group to Japan and advancing to the last 16 rounds as second in the group would look more favourable to Spain.

This is as it would avoid last year’s runners-up Croatia in the last 16 and would not have to face Brazil in the last 8.

Germany, who have always been a football powerhouse, should not have left their fate in the hands of others. Let alone have tried to score in the final moments of the group to avoid being defeated. It was too passive and lead to their downfall.

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Words: Fangyi He | Subbing: Nadya Salie

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