GCSE and A-level pupils will be ‘marked generously’ in up and coming exams

Photo: flickr @Jack Hynes | Creative Commons

According to the Department for Education, GCSE and A-level students will be told what is on their exam papers in advance and will be ‘marked more generously’ on their exam’s summer of 2021.

Education minister, Nick Gibb, said earlier this month that the Government was working to ensure exams were ‘fair’ and plans would soon be put into motion.

Photo: flickr @Valley Library | Creative Commons

Both the Department for Education and the exams regulator decided that due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, student examination procedures will be treated differently.

Since earlier this year, it had been expected that GCSE exams in England would be cancelled in the summer of 2021 (as they previously were in summer 2020), following the example of Wales and Scotland.

Few students may be given grades with asterisks next to them to indicate that their applications should be looked at kindly.  Majority of GCSE students will be told their exam topics in advance and many universities have begun to reduce their entry grade requirements.

Notifying students about selected subject areas will enable students to be better prepared by their teachers to answer particular questions.

Words: Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh | Subbing: Dina Nazari

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