From Tier to lockdown, from lockdown back to Tier

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London will move into Tier 2 restrictions when the national lockdown ends on 2 December, allowing restaurants to reopen.

The Government has confirmed that London has escaped the strictest restrictions – for now. This will allow capital-dwellers to meet outdoors in groups of six from different households, and stay in restaurants until 11pm.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “it is the right and sensible decision” for London to have been placed in Tier two, but also emphasises the importance of people to “continue to follow the rules” if the capital is to move forward.

There were some confusions whether Bexley would fall under Tier 2 or 3. But Councillor James Hunt, the Mayor of Bexley, clarified it in a tweet: “Under the new system Bexley is in tier 2 as we are in London. The rules must be followed. We must keep the virus out we must protect our family and friends.”

Bob Blackman, Tory MP for Harrow tweeted that football “fans should be allowed back into the stadium as soon as this can [be] safely organised.”

But not everyone is happy with the new Tier system.

Public health lecturer, Dr Chris Papadopoulos, believes it is dangerous to relax Covid-19 restrictions before and during Christmas, and it can catapult us into a third lockdown.

Conservative MPs have also voiced their dismay over the upcoming tier allocations. As many as 70 of them have said they would vote down the Tier system if there is no evidence of its effectiveness, according to the Covid Research Group.

Sir Bob Neil, MP for Bromley & Chislehurst, told SkyNews it is a “mistake” and “disproportionate” for all of London to move into Tier 2.

Voices from the street

Abigail, 27, said: “it will be beneficial if people will adhere to tougher restrictions now before the Christmas period, and I believe that tier 2 would allow everyone some room to do stuff while being alert.”

Jackie, 24, said: “Although under tier 2 we are allowed to go out, do shopping and other things, but personally, I wouldn’t really feel safe doing so. I will just stick to online shopping for Christmas.”

Aris Gaga, 29, a bar manager in a central London membership club told VoL he is “very happy to be able to reopen our doors. However, my only concern will be the tracking of this ‘substantial meal’ that we will have to offer with the drinks. If I [as a guest] have a meal with my drink, I will be kicked out after finishing my meal? How will this be monitored?”

County’s Covid-19 situation will be reviewed every 14 days to see whether or not they will remain in their assigned Tier band.

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Words by: Norbert Tarnoczi | Subbing: Leah Nelson 

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