Formula 1: Romain Grosjean survives high-speed crash as car bursts into flames at Bahrain GP

Photo by: taka_suzuki | Unsplash

The Haas French driver emerged from the wreckage of his burning vehicle 20 seconds after catching fire in the opening lap of the race after smashing through a barrier.

The vehicle appeared to be ripped in two as the 34 year old leapt out of the burning car. The accident halted the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix on the opening lap.

The incident occured after the Frenchman veered off the track after just three corners, hitting the barriers with an impact registering at 53G.

Moments after escaping the near death experience Grosjean could be seen hobbling towards paramedics.

He is now being treated in hospital.

A Haas spokesperson said: “Romain has minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is OK. He is with the doctors now.”

The incident is guaranteed to raise questions as to how Grosjean’s car was able to collide with a steel barrier after just three corners.

Lewis Hamilton could be seen shaking his head in horror during a replay of the events moments later.

Hamilton who had started off in lead position has tweeted his relief that Grosjean escaped the incident;

“I’m so grateful Romain is safe. Wow… the risk we take is no joke, for those of you out there that forget that we put our life on the line for this sport and for what we love to do,” he wrote.

“Thankful to the FIA for the massive strides we’ve taken for Romain to walk away from that safely.”


Words by: Jack Sanders | Subbing: Grace Staley

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