Five unmissable London hidden gems

London is home to some of the most iconic attractions, world-renowned museums and galleries but it also hosts lesser-known gems you may not be aware of. 

Explore London’s secret side in the video below. 



The Photographers’ Gallery 

The Photographers’ Gallery was founded in 1971 and has been influential in promoting photography’s pivotal and significant role in culture and society, ensuring its place as a noteworthy art form. 

What’s on?: “Shot in Soho”- 18 Oct 2019 – 09 Feb 2020, “Feast for the eyes: The story of food in photography” – 18 Oct 2019 – 09 Feb 2020


Freud Museum London 

This year marks 100 years since Sigmund Freud wrote his paper, The Uncannya theory that went on to inspire art, film, literature and further psychoanalytic enquiry.

What’s on?:The Uncanny: A Centenary – 30 Oct 2019 – 09 Feb 2020


Lisson Gallery 

Lisson Gallery is one of the most influential and longest-running international contemporary art galleries in the world.

What’s on?:Richard Deacon: Deep State – 20 Nov 2019 – 29 Feb 2020


The Vaults 

The graffiti tunnel, founded by Banksy, is a public space where you can view the ever-changing work of different graffiti artist’s. Set in a labyrinth of deserted railway arches under Waterloo station in London, those that have a natural affinity to the extraordinary, the bold and the unknown.  


Editor’s Picks:


God’s Own Junkyard 

The neon wonderland is filled with artist Chris Bracey’s personal collection of work in a salvage yard in Walthamstow. It holds everything from signs for Soho sex clubs in the ‘60s to his work for the movie industry. Crammed in between all of this, you’ll find his own artwork as well. 

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Words: Martina Chausheva

Photo: Martina Chausheva

Video: Martina Chausheva

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