Finished Squid Game? Check out these series and films starring the actors

Picture taken by Eylem Tekiner

If you’re not sure which Korean show or film to watch next, the cast of Squid Game has your back.

Following a whirlwind of pandemonium, the interest in the stars of ‘Squid Game’ has been piqued. So if you’re one of the 142 million viewers, you’re sure to be interested in the actors’ previous works. Read our list below of some incredible films and series they have starred in.

1. Gong Yoo – Guardian: The Lonely and Great God [2016] 

You probably remember him, but if not, he’s the ‘salesman’ who invited Gi-hun to play a game of ‘Ddakji’ in the train station. His abrupt cameo in Squid Game caused a frenzy for many Korean and international fans due to his extensive work in the Korean film industry. From his breakout role in ‘Coffee Prince’(2007) and his impressive role as Seok-Woo in ‘Train to Busan’(2016), he has shown his talent in rom-coms, thrillers, horror and many other genres. 

Unknown to the rest of those watching squid game meant that this caused a little bit of confusion, so to get you to understand everyone else we recommend watching one of his many big hits, “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”. Here, Gong Yoo plays a goblin who is in search of his human bride that can save him by taking out the sword lodged in his chest, something that only the bride (Ji Eun-tak, played by actress Kim Go-eun) and him can see. The end result of this would be his death, so he can move onto the afterlife.

The cast, crew and even singers of the drama’s soundtracks collectively received a total of 26 awards in Korea, as well as holding the title of the fifth highest watch percentage in Korean history.

2. Park Hae-soo – Prison Playbook [2017

Prior to taking the role as Sang Woo in Squid Game, Park Hae Soo had an extensive acting career that began in 2007. One of his most significant leading roles is in ‘Prison Playbook’. Available on Netflix, the show boasts a star studded cast with the likes of Jung Hae-in, Krystal Jung, Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Kyung-hyung. 

It follows the life of an upcoming top baseball player [Park Hae-soo], who is sent to prison for a year following an incident in which he chased after and beat up the man that harassed his younger sister. The story follows the life of him and the inmates he meets, exploring how persistent everyone is in making sure he can go back into pro baseball after his release, all with a bit of a comedic edge. Important to note that this has led to production staff and actors collectively winning five awards.

3. Lee Jung-jae – Warriors of the Dawn [2017]   

Gi Hun – aka Lee Jung-jae has had a tremendous impact on the audience of Squid Game, from causing bouts of confusion and occasionally bringing out empathetic feelings from viewers, Lee Jung-jae has proved his skills in portraying any character he sets his mind to.

So, to introduce you to a vastly different character , meet ‘To-woo’ from the historical film ‘Warriors of the Dawn’. Cast alongside popular male lead, Yeo Jin-goo (Prince Gwanghae), he plays as the leader of the proxy soldiers that aim to make sure they are no longer invaded by Japanese soldiers following the king’s abandonment of his country. Despite such a cultural difference, this film was also shown in around ‘30 locations in North America’ alone, as mentioned by a spokesperson to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although this list doesn’t involve all cast members of  ‘Squid Game’, they without a doubt have carried their characters through the series extremely well. So, which actors would you like to see covered next?

Written by: Hannah Ozkadi | Sub-edited by: Sarah Chaffey

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