Film Review: ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’

Words: Tracey Popoola | Subbing: Claudia Jackson

The second instalment of the ‘baddest mums in town’ gains some laughter- but not quite as much as the original

The reckless mothers are back again with the sequel to Bad Moms, which received positive reviews after it was released in 2016. In case you haven’t seen it, Bad Moms follows a trio of overworked and underappreciated mothers (played by Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn and Mila Kunis) who decide to run away from their endless responsibilities to indulge in some inappropriate and hilarious fun- with the help of alcoholic beverages.

This time A Bad Moms Christmas shows these ladies having to put up with own mothers for the festive season, with Cheryl Hines stepping in as the clingy mother that wishes she was her daughter’s sister, Susan Sarandon playing the cool young at heart cowgirl and Christine Baranski as the uppity judgemental parent who needs to be shown a good time.

The montages of all the mothers having reckless fun include flirting with Santa and getting drunk at the local shopping centre, as well as assaulting and insulting innocent members of the public throughout the night- sound a bit familiar? There are also some sentimental moments, giving each character the opportunity to value those around them- despite the extra baggage that seems to come along.

Although this comedy is perfect for a mother/daughter bonding session, it seems that the writers have fallen short from up keeping the brilliant punchlines that came with the first film. Perhaps the next one?  Find tickets HERE

Score: 3/5

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