Extinction Rebellion stages ‘die in’ protest in Muswell Hill

Extinction Rebellion protester doing a die in ahead of COP26
Photograph: Zhen Guo

The environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion staged a ‘die in’ earlier today in Muswell Hill, where demonstrators lay on the ground to grab the attention of passersby.

Covered in white sheets, with placards attributing death by different climate catastrophes, the group wanted to make their voices heard ahead of COP26 on Monday

They also held a “waltz into oblivion” to represent what they see as ignorance towards the climate crisis. Check out what went on at the protest here:

One of the organisers, Holly from Muswell Hill XR, spoke to Voice of London, saying: “what we’re trying to do is highlight the climate crisis and raise awareness of COP26, and we want to government to take the action that is necessary.”

While many passersby supported the action, some driving vehicles seemed frustrated with Extinction Rebellion, revving their engines or speeding past.

This comes after some frustration at Insulate Britain protestors, who have been blocking the M25 to demand the government looks into green housing solutions such as insulation.

As the global climate conference in Glasgow approaches, many environmental groups have more actions planned, while world leaders are set to build plans on how to prevent climate emergencies, so stay tuned to Voice of London to experience COP26 from here in capital.

Opinions expressed by Extinction Rebellion are not those of Voice of London.

Words and editing: Sarah Chaffey | Photographs: Zhen Guo | Subbing: Tia Janowski

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