Everybody needs the new Polaroid x Stranger Things

Last week we posted about the release of the new Polaroid x Stranger Things (which you can read about it here) and being super-crazy fans of the camera and the tv-show, the guys at Polaroid decided to send it to us. We freaked out!

This is one of the best instant cameras on the market. Polaroid hit it again with this amazing upside down camera (yes, the structure of the camera is actually upside down) and you can snap vintage photos with the coolest Stranger Things effect!

To enter the upside down of photography, you just need to head over Polaroid.com

We want to see as many strange-snaps as possible.

Here’s what you don’t want to miss:


Share your snaps below, we can’t wait to seem them all.

Also, Sal got a little bit excited when he received our camera. Watch is strange-unwrapping here:


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