Europe’s finest plotting to kill off the Champions League by 2021

Released documents have shown that some of Europe’s top sides have been plotting to create a European Super League behind the backs of organisations and other clubs.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City were all included in the ‘secret society’. The original plans would have seen the Super League members leave their domestic and continental competitions.

The documents revealed that 16 of Europe’s finest were planning to kick off the competition in 2021. Joining the five English sides as ‘founders’ would be: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, AC Milan and PSG.

The title of ‘founders’ would grant these 11 teams exemption from relegation for the first 20 years. Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Marseille, Inter Milan and Roma were also featured as ‘initial guests’.

Arsenal, Man Utd, Real, Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona and AC Milan formed a sort of cartel with the intention of leaving their national leagues and football associations entirely.

Real Madrid received a confidential term sheet just days ago which shows that the 16 clubs mentioned look set to formally establish the European Super League. According to who published the documents, if all terms of the sheet are met, the Champions League could cease to exist by 2021.

In June 2016, officials from the five English clubs in the ‘secret society’ were pictured leaving a hotel in London. The Sun ran the headline “Top secret European Super League Summit revealed.” But, apart from the pictures of the officials leaving the hotel after talks about a competition, nothing was revealed until today.

None of the mentioned clubs have commented on the leaks as of the time this article was published.

Reaction on Twitter is not very positive with almost everyone against the idea.


Words: Samuel Carter

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