EU agrees on Brexit extension until 31 January

EU leaders have come to terms to agree on delaying Brexit up until 31 January 2020, EU Council President, Donald Tusk, confirmed.

Mr Tusk referred to the Brexit extension as a ‘flextension’, meaning, UK is free to leave the EU before the set deadline if the deal passes through Parliament.



MPs are expected to vote today after 17:00 on whether the UK should hold a general election on 12 December, as proposed earlier by Prime Minister.

Jo Swinson and Ian Blackford, the leaders of the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) and the Scottish National Party (SNP), are trying to move up a general election on 9 December to stop Boris Johnson to push ahead with his Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister’s calls for a general election were failed to pass twice in Parliament. He had constantly said, the UK would leave the EU on 31 October, this Thursday, regardless of the deal – but, Mr Johnson has to accept the extension offer given by the EU due to the Benn Act.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour MPs have claimed, they would not back a general election since the possibility of a no-deal Brexit is still on.

The PM is trying to convince other MPs to allow a new time schedule for legislation of Brexit deal and an election on 12 December.

A general election before Christmas without any deal is still pending, it depends on how the MPs will vote later this evening.


Words: Catarina Joele | Photo: George Hodan

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