England’s sporting misery continues

England’s teams across all sports seem to have one thing in common. They never quite live up to expectation.

In a week which saw England Cricket lose the second test to Australia, the England Rugby League side lose the world cup final and also the world cup draw, it’s a timely reminder that being an English sports fan isn’t great.

In the cricket, England were going into the second test already behind Australia. The start of the second test seemed to be going the same way, with Australia eventually declaring at 442 runs, giving England a lot to do.

England failed to reach these heights as they were bowled all out at 227 runs. This is where the classic England sport formula began to shape.

Start badly – inspire hope – crush dreams. England’s fightback began as they managed to bowl Australia out for 138; they needed 358 runs to win, a feasible target.

But, as soon as the fans started to believe, England capitulated and were bowled out for 223, meaning they lost the test by 120 runs and have a huge mountain to climb if they want to get anything from this year’s Ashes.

Piers Morgan supplying a good tweet about the situation, for once.


The Australian branch of Bet365 mocking the England captain’s strange choice to bowl first even though he won the toss.

England’s Rugby League side seemed to be breaking away from the classic formula as they breezed past the opposition and made it to the World Cup final for the first time in 22 years.

Fittingly, it was against Australia and it was a chance for England to beat their colonial counterparts in a major Rugby League trophy.

There was a huge excitement in the air before this game. Any chance for England to win some silverware is always going to be thrilling, even if it is shrouded in unsettling doubt.

This doubt was not in vain as England lost 6-0. An incredibly low score in Rugby and England not even getting on the scoreboard is slightly metaphoric of our countries sporting history.

Emotional speech from Sam Burgess post game.

Finally, and probably the most disappointing sporting team of the lot, the England national football team. The World Cup draw is something that every single football fan looks forward to and they pray that they don’t get drafted into the ‘group of death’.

England were drawn into Group G alongside Belgium, Tunisia and Panama. This is the opposite of a ‘group of death’ and England fans will be hopeful that they will make it to the round of 16.

Belgium will go into this tournament being the favourites to top this group which might prove advantageous for the Three Lions.

Playing in the England national team is an immense amount of pressure, as stated by Frank Lampard on this episode of Premier League tonight. It might help this young squad to have as much pressure taken off them as possible.

Paul Merson was not full of hope before the draw.


Another wonderful opinion from Joey Barton.

Maybe, just maybe England football can end the 52 years of hurt and bring football home. Again, it’s the hope that kills and with England, it’s not usually going to end well.

Words: Kieran Soutter | Subbing: Oliver Browning

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