Elation after fan favourite bags Bake Off victory

Source: The Great British Bake Off Facebook page

Year after year, Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off gains the devotion of millions up and down the UK. Despite the trials and tribulations of 2020, Bake Off gracing the screens once more restored a sense of normality for many of us. 

Each year, the competition gets fierce, discussions across social media often get heated, and as fans find their favourites, a ten-week fight for the Bake Off crown begins.

This year, 20-year-old Peter Sawkins won the hearts of fans everywhere pretty early on in the competition. With viewers rooting for the blue-eyed student from week to week.

It was no surprise then to see fans elated when Peter was crowned winner of Great British Bake Off season 11.

Source: Peter Sawkins’ Instagram


As one of the stand-out contestants, fans had Peter down as a winner from the very start.

And many took to social media to express their delight over his win.

Not only were fans over the moon at Peter’s win, but Bake Off viewers also told of their appreciation for the show this year.

Many revelled at the happiness this little slice of baking escapism had brought them:

TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan tweeted his thanks to the GBBO team for all their efforts to make sure this year’s show went ahead. Calling it “A huge commitment, for a show we really needed #GBBO”

While @HonestBakeOff, an account dedicated to the Channel 4 show, said: “This show has been the pick-me-up the nation needed in 2020.”

Another fan tweeted “I know it’s just a baking show but I really needed Bake Off this year.” Calling it “wholesome” and “full of great people.”

While it may be hard to believe that the oven gloves have been hung up for yet another year, it is clear that this year’s competition has evoked something in viewers that it would not normally.

It seems shows like GBBO might be the escape we all need from this big (Eton) Mess of a year.

Words: Chloe Rose | Subbing: Sara Varga

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