Covid-19: Nottingham’s Christmas market shut down after people breaking social distancing rules

Photo by Wikimedia Commons | Creative Commons

On Saturday 5 December, two days after the national lockdown was lifted across the country, social media saw pictures of large crowds in Old Market Square, Nottingham. 

The decision to shut down the Christmas market comes after hundreds of people seemed to be too close to each other, thus breaking social distancing rules. 

Mellors Group, which is behind the organisation of the market, has released a statement: “In light of the unprecedented high footfall seen up and down the country for retail nationally, we have decided to temporarily close the Christmas market. 

“The pent-up demand for a city centre offer was far higher than normal and we feel this is the most appropriate way forward.

“This will allow us to monitor footfall in the city centre today and ensure that our activities support residents and local businesses in an appropriate fashion.”

Nottingham is placed in Tier 3 – read more on what Tier 3 is here. 

Luke Brown, 24, spoke to SkyNews and said he was “highly uncomfortable being there so we literally went home after five minutes. 

“I was on the outskirts of the market as there were too many people on the inside, many people were not wearing any masks at all and there was definitely no two-metre distancing.”

Words: Sam Tabahriti | Subbing: Karolina Pracht

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