Corteiz: Antiestablishment fashion will ‘rule the world’

How Corteiz became the face of UK streetwear

Clint, the founder, creator and designer, began screen printing t-shirts and sweatshirts in his bedroom in 2017 with an iconic Alcatraz logo for the brand that is now well-recognised as Corteiz (also known as Crtz). The logo was created to express ‘rebellion against convention’ and is regarded to be the core concept of the brand. 

Picture from the Corteiz instagram page @Crtz.rtw

In contrast to the massive marketing budgets of mainstream streetwear brands, authenticity is essential to the Corteiz brand statement, which is marketed only through social media. Clint does not use paid advertising to promote his company; instead, he built a following through social media and word of mouth. And refused to pay celebrities and influencers for sponsorship.  

Corteiz has always stood for being for the people while still functioning as an exclusive club for those in the know. Corteiz’s items are only available for a limited time and in limited supply; the brand has developed a cult-like following, with pieces selling out in minutes.

Clint opposes and discourages the practice of reselling products for a profit and prevents users from purchasing with the intent of resale, yet this has not deterred others from selling on online marketplaces. 

Picture from the Corteiz instagram page @Crtz.rtw

Timeline of Corteiz marketing 

24th September 2017: Clint shared the Corteiz ‘rule the world’ tee as his first Instagram post, he continued to provide sneak peeks of clothes that would be in his first release. 

26th February 2018: Clint announced the Corteiz website will be available shortly, which is one of his unique selling points. In order to purchase from Corteiz, you must have a password to the website, which further catapulted the in the loop feeling supporters still have today. 

9th March 2018: After teasing the collection for six months, the website goes up for the first time. 

15th April 2018 – present: Corteiz is issued approximately every three months, with releases limited to one to three days. 

23rd August 2018: Clint threw a Rules of the World party to celebrate the brand. 

5th April 2019: Cash only popup shop no photos allowed  

21st August 2019: Clint released coordinates for the first public event in Soho. Buyers needed to have a travel card to purchase a t-shirt, and if they were wearing a Corteiz tee from a previous edition, the first 15 individuals got a free Corteiz balaclava. 

18th December 2019: Clint made Courtiez go worldwide in Lagos, Nigeria, by posting a time and an address to which 300 people attended to buy clothes. 

4th September 2021: a second public travel card event 

21st November: The first Corteiz billboard appeared in Shoreditch, near Box Park. 

December 23rd: another travel card event  

22nd January 2022: ‘Da Great Bollo Exchange’ public event. In White City, people traded designer labels for Courtiez 

21st October 2022: Courtiez 99p market sale on cargos that cost £150 

What is next for Corteiz?

The future of this brand is promising, yet many people believe that it, like most hype beast brands, will fade away. however, with the amount of support the brand has had from celebrities such as Stormzy, Central Cee, Skepta and I don’t think Corteiz is going away anytime soon; it has become a household name for many. 

Words: Keana Isaac-Taylor | Subbing: Tania Alasady

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