Chloé Catwalk: unveiling the past

Credit: Beth Lander

A brand known for its elegance, authenticity, and charm has finally graced us with a complete selection of catwalk photography. Celebrating seventy years of collections by leading designers, including founder Gaby Aghion, can be seen in the pages this array of catwalk history.

From free champagne to an inside glimpse of Chloés recent launch, the seventy year celebratory event honoured the world of fashion last night.

Within the New Bond Street store, Author Lou Stoppard introduced the book, revealing the year long research that took place. Following a trip to Paris, Stoppard expressed how “organised the Chloé archives team were”, enabling the assortment of perfect condition images, dating back to the early 1950’s. Stoppard’s passion for the brand is undeniable, with her in-depth recollection of Chloés history, the invitees listened in awe. Contributor, Suzy Menkes, was amongst the few fashion luminaries at the unveil.

Image: Beth Lander

The history of Chloé is an interesting and innovative story. In the 1950’s, the demand for haute couture was high, but like todays tastemaker, the eagerness for quick high-end fashion was undoubting. Haute Couture, although a popular luxury fashion trend, is an unrealistic everyday wear.

Image: Beth Lander

Ahead of her time, founder Gaby Aghion, sought to create a grandeur ready-to-wear brand, Chloé. Quickly after the launch in 1952, Chloé became a recognised brand, popular for capturing the essence of what it is to be a young and glamorous French woman.

Chloé has since revolutionised the fashion industry, aiding and producing future fashion designers like Stella McCarthy and Karl Lagerfeld.

The gorgeous new book can now be found everywhere, making a perfect staple piece for your coffee table.

Words: Beth Lander | Subbed: Summer Rogers

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