Make you Christmas Special with the clothes of Marks and Spencer

Marks And Spencer

Marks and Spencer has prepared their annual winter collection. Just like the Christmas selection for food, home decor, toys and many more, the clothing section got all christmassy too.

You can spoil yourself with the clothes’ descent prices, you can gift one of them to your loved ones with personalised pyjamas, hooded blankets, or gift them a jumper

Seeing that the holidays are getting closer every day, people have naturally started their annual Christmas shopping. This year Marks and Spencer surprised us with a beautiful Christmas clothing section. They are perfect for celebrating at home or even for taking pictures wearing them. They are perfect for gifts. The clothing selection suprises everyone. They bring mood and cosiness. Get your lover a special matching gift and wear it for the entire month. 

  1. Christmas Jumpers 
Credit: Marks and Spencer

Your favourite ugly jumpers are back: the new collection is sure to put you in a festive spirit. There are different designs and are made of recycled polyester. Choose between reindeer, bear and even funny logos for men or sparkling stars, snowflakes and many more traditional Christmas gifts for women. Get matching jumpers with your loved one. Wear them at family gatherings. Their prices vary from £25 to £35.

2. Christmas Pyjamas 

Credits: Marks And Spencer

Stay at home, snuggle and make your Christmas even cosier with the pyjamas Marks and Spencer offers. They are made of cotton and are comfortable. Choose from different styles like the tartan cotton pyjama that brings the Christmas mood, or the Percy Pig-printed pyjama. Make them even more special and personalise it by adding your name! Go wild with the Animal-printed pyjama, too. Or get your family matching pyjamas, even better with the Spencer Bear Christmas pyjama which represents the whole family. They made sure to create different sizings for everyone at any age. Make Christmas Eve special by getting you and your family a set! The prices vary from £12 to £28.

3. Christmas Hooded Blanket 

Credits: Marks And Spencer

Spend a good evening with your loved one, snuggled with hot chocolate in a hooded blanket by Marks And Spencer. As well as their good quality, Marks and Spencer provides very interesting and different designs. Each one of them brings cosiness and makes you warm during the cold days. Match them with your Marks and Spencer Christmas pyjama sets, now! Your choices are the Percy Pig fleece oversized hoodie, Tartan hoodie, and the fleece animal print hooded blanket. The prices for them are between £19 and £40.

Words: Dafni Belcheva|Subbed by a member of the lifestyle team

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