Billie Eilish: I felt like I was a parody of myself

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In the fourth year of Vanity Fair’s Same Interview, Billie Eilish opened up about finding herself as an 18-year-old, as well as an artist with five Grammys and millions of fans.

Growing from 257k followers on Instagram to 70.7 million in just four years, the Vanity Fair interview documents Eilish’s popularity. The 18-year-old reveals the impact the immense growth of her success has had on her mental health.

In 2019, Eilish said about the most important thing to her: “I want to stay happy. That is a big goal for me.”

In 2020, her response was to keep her family safe and to stay up, admitting that there isn’t much else to do with the current situation of COVID-19 restrictions:

“It is so weird what we take for granted. I would never have thought that I wouldn’t be able to do shows one day. So much time spent dreading tour, dreading press, dreading this, dreading that. I had no idea that I was dreading something that I would one day not even be legally allowed to do.”

Eilish touched on the climate crisis and the social injustices she became more aware of in the months of social distancing as an upside to having more time on her hands.

Besides her cancelled shows, the singer who rose to fame from 14 years old is battling with her public body image.

Addressing body shamers’ reactions to a picture of her in a tank top that went viral on Twitter, she said: “This is just how I look, you’ve just never seen it before.”

During her Calvin Klein commercial back in 2019, Eilish opened up about her body before, saying: “That’s why I wear big baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.”

The reaction was as she feared, but the pop star is mentally in a better place and is now influencing others with her stance.

Mid interview, she admits to having an identity crisis since the beginning of the year and reminds the audience that she is only 18. “It’s funny that I’m expected to have found myself and stick with it,” she says, wanting to justify why she is trying new styles and personalities. As a public figure, she has to go through the daily struggles of a teenager in front of millions.



Here are some reactions to the Vanity Fair interview on Twitter:

Words: Begum Kuruc | Subbing: Maelina Hassel

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