Anti-Semitic harassment towards a family on the London Underground

The British Transport Police are appealing to the public in identifying a man who was recorded reading anti-Jewish Bible scriptures to a young Jewish boy on the tube.

It is alleged that the man was of the belief that “these people”, meaning Jews, “were trying to claim our [his] heritage.”

Neither the boy nor his father retaliated, but the father is seen whispering to his son on the video “just ignore him”.

Chris Atkins, who recorded the video, described the man to be “a very committed Christian [who] believed this was the word of God.” Mr Atkins was disturbed at how he was yelling at the boy.

The man was also in an argument with another passenger, not seen on camera, who tried to intervene.

Another Muslim passenger has been praised for confronting the man and trying to prevent him from further yelling at the boy, even after he turned his anger on her asking her “why are you wearing trousers?”

Police are asking for witnesses and anyone who knows this man for help in identifying him.


Words: Kenya Best

Image: Chris Atkins

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