Six Alternatives to Black Friday

Did you know that the 23rd of November is not only a day for Black Friday sales?  Here are six alternatives you could be celebrating today instead of Black Friday.


The power list includes:

  1. Flossing day, because why not?

Legends tells that it was created in 2000 to remind people of how fundamental oral hygiene is in people’s daily lives.

You can celebrate it by really putting effort in washing and flossing your teeth (no cheating) and, if you’re brave enough, with a dentist appointment!

2.  Espresso day…no explanation needed here folks!

Those who say that coffee is not universal are trying to lie even when confronted with hardcore proof.

The modern way of preparing coffee finds its roots in Turin, Italy, thanks to a man called Angelo Moriodo who ,in 1884, discovered a new method to separately control the passing of steam and water to the coffee. This made the espresso preparation easier and quicker (and opened the day to world domination!)

Espresso day, was created to reward the man and the city who gave the world the contemporary holy grail of metropolitan cities workers.

3. Buy nothing day (if you can)!

Buy nothing day was created in Vancouver in 1992 in opposition to the Black Friday mania.

There was a time, when Amazon Prime was still a dream, where you had to physically reach the story to buy a new TV or extremely cheap clothes during Black Friday. And for most buyers, it was not a fun experience.

We talk about proper invasions with people running around, screaming and fighting  to bring home the best deal of their lives.  At least until the following year anyway!

The main purpose of the campaign is raising awareness on the idea that just because it’s cheap it does not mean you must buy it, and create healthier shopping habits.

Right now 65 nations, including the UK, celebrate it and new followers are always welcome.


But in case you still want to shop, have fun but be responsible!


Words: Benedetta Laterza | Video: Benedetta Laterza | Subbing: Laureta Doci

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