Fears are rising as the new variant B.1.1.529, begins to spread rapidly.

Covid virus
Covid-19, Image: Fusion Media Animation Unsplash

The ‘nu’ Covid variant is set to be named officially by the World Health Organisation in the coming days.

Although there have been no reported cases in the UK so far, there has been one case in Belgium which has now sparked travel restrictions to be put in place.

Six Southern African countries have been listed on the travel ban for Europe as concerns increase. Flights to those countries are also being suspended until further notice.

The BBC reported that one UK Health Official had stated “it is the worst variant they have seen so far” and scientists believe that the current vaccine may prove ineffective in treating it.

Health secretary Sajid Javid states that there are “huge international concerns” over the matter.

Despite many EU countries wanting to enforce a ban, South African health minister Joe Phaahla condemns the planned precautions saying “it is completely against the norms and standards” and “unjustified”.

Written by Jade Mudau

Subbed by: Rinah Mungombe

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