VoL news debrief vol. 3

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Here’s the London local news that you need to know:

  • Hyde Park in London evacuated after WWII device was found an hour ago

  • Five new schemes for cutting toxic air and road deaths in London have been unveiled

  • Commuters in London are tracked by phone in a research project conducted by Transport chiefs that aims to end the rush-hour crush

  • More than one million fly-tipping crimes were reported by councils across England in the past year, as an average of more than 2700 a day.

  • Junk food ads are set to be banned at tube stations, and bus stops to tackle the increasing rate of child obesity.

  • Third of London dog owners will put their pet before their child’s education.

Podcast: Ai Chi & Min Zhu | Words: Min Zhu | Audio Editor: Ai Chi

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