London Stadium appeal makes history with live stream

West Ham’s dispute with the owners of the London Stadium’s been referred back to the High Court.

The London Legacy Development Corporation, believes if the stadium’s capacity is increased it should receive a part of the new profits. West Ham currently pay a yearly rent of £3 million and want to increase capacity by nine thousand.

The case made history when this week’s Court of Appeal hearing became the first to be live streamed online. It is part of a pilot project which the government hopes will increase public access to the court’s work.

Initially the Hammers are looking to increase the stadium capacity by 3 thousand, before finally increasing the capacity of match days to 66,000.

Gerry Murphy, then acting chief executive of the LLDC, said at a London Assembly meeting last year: “We feel that if West Ham want more seats, they should commensurately pay more”

“West Ham’s argument is they would receive all of the extra revenue. We would contend we should get a share of that”.

Voice of London tried to contact the courts but no update was given. However, we expect proceedings to begin soon.

Words: George Robson | Subbing: Sam Carter

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