Uber set to be banned in London next month

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Prepare to say goodbye to your five-star rating as Uber is set to lose its licence to operate in London, if the business fails to reach TfL’s demands by the end of November.

The Independent reported, Uber first lost their licence in 2017 due to public safety concerns after a string of complaints and cases were brought forward by customers. A judge granted Uber a 15-month extension which was due to run out in September- but was further extended till November.

To keep its licence, Uber will have to make a series of fundamental changes to the business’ operations. But, as Uber’s losses widen and have a mere two months to reinvent the business, can they do it in time?

While Uber has been scrambling to save their licence and appease TfL, their competitors have been dominating the London market. Most of their competitors have diversified the ride-share market, with many boasting to be better than Uber.

London’s new ride-share apps:

Kapten – Uber’s biggest competitor, gives its users a free loyalty programme and offers regular discounts to all users.

London Lady Chauffeurs – As the name suggests, London Lady Chauffeurs is an all-female driver app designed to offer a sense of security to women while riding.

Taxiapp UK – Co-operatively owned and operated by experienced black cab drivers. TaxiappUK have combined the traditional taxi service with modern convenience.

Uber’s competitors appear to have listened to TfL and the court’s demands, whilst also addressing customer complaints about the app’s shortfalls.

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Update: Uber’s stock has near-record fall after London licence loss


Words by: Monica Young

Photo by: Pixabay