Tories launch manifesto

picture by Annika Haas

Boris Johnson told the crowd in Telford during the launch of their 59-page manifesto the he will “Get Brexit done”

Speaking in the West Midlands, Boris Johnson plans to reintroduce the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before Christmas, if elected back into office.

Entitled ‘Get Brexit Done, Unleash Britain’s Potential’, the manifesto also pledges a “Triple Tax Cut”, meaning there will be no rise in income tax, national insurance and VAT under a Conservative government.

The Tories promise to implement a £1bn boost to increase after school and holiday childcare to give “parents more flexibility.”

Still promising the “biggest cash boost in its history” to the NHS – £33.9bn by 2024, the Conservative Party are committed to stopping “unfair hospital car parking charges”, affecting NHS staff and some patients and their families.

They will continue to strive for a carbon neutral Britain by 2050 – a deadline regarded as not soon enough by climate activists – and ban the export of plastic waste outside the OCED.

Other commitments include spending £6.3bn on energy efficiency measures, £2bn for pothole-filling, building “Norther Powerhouse Rail” between Leeds and Manchester and promising 20,000 more police officers.

In a statement before the launch, Johnson said, “The conservative manifesto, which I’m proud to launch today, will get Brexit done and allow us to move on and unleash the potential of the whole country.”


Dan Branston

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