Too many first-class degrees? Government will investigate

A panel of experts will moderate the marks universities award to students in response to concerns of ‘grade inflation.’

Image courtesy 简体中文 of Pixabay.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency previously reported that 26% of students are graduating with a first-class degree, an 18% increase from just five years ago. These statistics sparked concern that degrees were being ‘marked up’ and decreasing the credibility of universities.

Universities Minister Sam Gyimah said: “When you look at what makes our universities so prestigious, it comes down to the value of our degrees. The value of those degrees is threatened by grade inflation and that is a problem for students, employers and the universities themselves.”

The government will be using the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework rating system, introduced in 2017, to review evidence of universities awarding firsts excessively. Universities could be penalised if found to have lower standards.

University leaders defend the rise of higher degrees as the result of improved teaching approaches and technology.

With tuition fees steadily increasing, students will want to know they’re being fairly graded. 

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Words: Claire Chung | Subbing: Taylor Paatalo

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