The countdown is over: The H&M x Moschino’s blast from the past is finally here

More high-street, than high-end

In the past, the fashion industry has promoted exclusivity and a bit of secrecy that only the upper class was able to reach. However, in the social media era, fashion has begun to capitalise on brand partnership or the so-called collaborations. These aspects help in boosting the brand’s identity and expanding target markets. A collaboration could be made between designers, influencers, artists or celebrities and it could change stereotypes for the brand, even if it’s made for a single collection. This change in the fashion industry has allowed society to invest less and gain more as they pay lower prices for high quality.

It wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to say that one of the most appreciated collaborations are launched by the Swedish retailer – H&M. Its fashion partnerships include well-known celebrities and designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Versace, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Kenzo and Erdem. Today, H&M launched a collection with the brand perceived to be not for everyone’s taste – Moschino.

To gain a broader perspective on the topic, I have interviewed Tommy Tomova, who is a fashion blogger that also works for a PR and luxury event organisation. The company recently took part in the opening of a Moschino boutique in Paris.

The annual kilometric queues and website crashes are the well-known signs that there is a launch of a designer brand collaboration with the high street retailer H&M.  This time, it’s Moschino’s turn to provide affordable luxury with a limited clothes range designed by its creative director – Jeremy Scott.

All the way from Disney cartoon-imprinted clothes, MTV inspired accessories and tracksuits to full-sequin bombers, leather dresses and emblazoned condom bags, Scott has managed to preserve the typical Moschino fun-glamour look. However, to match H&M’s more casual customer preferences, Jeremy Scott has blended the collection with a bit of streetwear aesthetic. Moreover, he didn’t forget to give some bling for your fluffy best friends too, so you should definitely consider sharing the glam by getting a printed leopard jacket, or even better –  a collar decorated with gold lettering.

As with previous collaborations, this year the customers lined up for hours to get their hands on affordable items. The designer products’ prices start at £25 and reach £300 for a coat, compared to the fashion line’s regular jacket cost of £1,000. T-shirt prices start at £30 compared to the normal Moschino prices that begin from £350, which sounds like a pretty good reason to wait for a while.

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Credits: Debora Kirilova

Once again, H&M has allowed its customers to express themselves by providing them with accessible fashion backed up with bold style. The empowering collaboration offers a mean to express to those who feel insecure to reveal who they are or what they like. It doesn’t matter if you go for the Disney-printed top or for the condom-shaped earrings, there is something for everybody and it’s worth the hype.

P.S. If you didn’t get the chance to buy something for yourself, you can still go on Snapchat and put on the leather sleep mask that Gigi Hadid wore as a headband at the H&M and Moschino runaway.

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Feature Image: Photo provided by the interviewee’s PR agency, that has launched the opening of a Moschino store in Paris and has copyrights for a reuse. It was offered for the article for free.

Words: Debora Kirilova | Subbing: Vanessa Craus

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