Take a trip down vinyl lane

The return of vinyl records is undeniable, with physical music sales matching digital sales for the first time in 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

With that in mind, buying CDs or vinyl records can seem like a daunting prospect for some Millennials and those of Generation Z.

With that said, a cluster of three record shops all situated within a 100-meter radius of Soho is a sure-fire way of finding an album or song that you like.

So, here are just three no-nonsense shops where you can buy your music in a physical form, and even buy original material from artists and bands.

Sounds of the Universe

Sounds of the Universe is a records shop located on Broadwick Street, Soho and sells a wide range of music and memorabilia. Vinyl records, books and even bags to ensure the safe transportation of your records can all be found here.

The likes of Bowie, Queen, and Led Zeppelin can all be found in this neat little shop close to Piccadilly Circus Station as well as Caribbean and African inspired albums. 

Want a record to hold onto? Well, look no further, with film soundtracks and country albums by Dolly Parton being easily found at Sounds of the Universe.

Reckless Records

Reckless Records, or “Reckless” as it is known by some, is located on Wardour Street. A stones-throw away from Sounds of the Universe, the record shop contains 80s pop classics, original timeless hits, as well as alternative genres and bands like Garage and Esoterica.

Reckless is a staple for many people who buy records and a popular haunt for tourists keen on purchasing the ultimate memento. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget though, there are plenty of records sold at reasonable prices.

You needn’t worry in the unlikely event of not finding a preferable record, records bought to be discovered can be purchased for as little as £2. 

Sister Ray

If it’s physical music you’re after Sister Ray has you covered, with CDs, cassettes and vinyl records all available for purchase. Moreover, it is also located on Wardour Street so you needn’t travel far to visit all three on the list.

AC/DC, Aretha Franklin, and the Supremes are just some of the legendary names and works that can all be enjoyed at Sister Ray. 

Need something to clean your records? Sister provides a suitable vinyl cleaning fluid which you can use to clean your collection. Dusty records deteriorate the condition of vinyl records, and ultimately the music you’ll be listening to, so cleaning records is vital. 

Words: Zubair Karmalkar

Images: Zubair Karmalkar

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