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Poppy fascism: What is it?

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Words: Leanne Hall | Subbed: Brenda Zini   Poppy Appeal is one of the leading charities that help rehabilitate soldiers after deployment. However, over the recent years, an increasing number of people are choosing not to wear poppies. Remembrance Sunday is a day that originally marks the lives of those fallen on the battlefield during WW1 and WW2. It is officially thought of as a reminder to those who gave us a free, democratic country. It is also a mark of respect to those who have served in the army after this time, so why are there so many people against it? The red poppy is thought to have lost its original identity. Many people see it as a sign of patriotism, a true mark of how British you really are. And if you don’t wear it? You aren’t proud to be British, and you d
War through the eyes of an Artist: Paul Nash

War through the eyes of an Artist: Paul Nash

The life of the artist who lived through two World Wars and painted what he witnessed. Reporter: Chloe Chapman | Sub-Editor: Cecilia Peruzzi From wartime paintings shockingly portraying the horrors of trenches and battlefields, to picturesque landscapes featuring British woodlands and countrysides, Paul Nash threw himself into a lifetime of art and is considered a modern master. Born on 11th May, 1889 in London, Nash grew up in Buckinghamshire where he developed a passion for landscapes. He was educated at the Slade School of Art, where he was largely influenced by the work of William Blake, unlike many of his peers who were inspired by Roger Fry’s post-impressionist exhibitions in 1910 and 1912. In 1912, Nash transitioned from passionate student to professional artist after h