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David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary

David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary

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Words: Delmar Terblanche Subbing: Etienne Fermie Dave Davis has resigned as Brexit secretary. The move comes as a protest against the government’s vision for the policy, which he said “will leave us in at best a weak negotiating position, and possibly an inescapable one.” Dacis' resignation comes just weeks before the deadline for the EU and Theresa May’s government to agree on the terms of Brexit. Last week, the Prime Minister’s cabinet agreed upon a plan which would see the UK closely tied to Brussels - more closely than many hard-line Brexiteers would have liked. The plan involved agreeing to EU regulations on agriculture and industry, thereby achieving a free trade area with the bloc, as well as striving towards a “combined customs territory”. It was positively received
When will we have a female coach in the men’s Premier League?

When will we have a female coach in the men’s Premier League?

According to a recent UEFA report, we are closing the gender gap in football. But, could it lead to having a female coaching men in the English top tier? The Voice of London Sports' Kick-off with Oliver Browning and Damian Burchardt looked at the reality of women in England, and tried to answer the million dollar question. Script and editing: Oliver Browning and Damian Burchardt | Production: Joshua Hornsey and Michael Ward

UPDATED Priti Patel: Who is she and what did she do?

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Patel began her parliamentary career in 2010, climbing the ladder and stepping into shoes emptied by the fallout from the expenses scandal. MP for Whitham, she made an impression with her charismatic persona in a few television appearances and was tipped as a rising star within Conservative party benches. Ideologically positioned on the right of her party line, the Brexiteer has caused quite the storm of controversy in Westminster and across the British media today. Secretary of State for International Development, Patel should be keeping Britain's interests close to her chest. However, it came to light earlier this week that Ms Patel had involved herself in meetings with Israeli government officials without consent from the Prime Minister during unauthorised trips to the Go...