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Dark denim set style

Fashion, World The denim sets have always been a fashionable outfit and hides many great advantages. One of the great things about this look is that it is not selective in the way it can be worn. Further, it findes its way among the fashion trends every single year. It can also be designed in different ways, either with the same fabric or in combination with others to make it look even more scintillating and fashionable. According to Elle, for 2018 spring and summer fashion trends, the selvage textile will do double duty, with sleek Texas Tuxedos that will show up at Alexander McQueen, Rosie Assoulin and others. This is to show the different way that people will be adopting this trend. Vogue fashion, in its gallery, has provided a variety of ways that the denim sets ...

Glitter cappuccinos are a thing

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Just when you thought the unicorn trend was out, they pull you right back in. Glitter, shimmer, and all things basic have come together in the glitter cappuccino encouraging is all to embrace our inner basic b*tch.  Bad news is, if you're reading this outside of India you'll just have to wait for your crack at the frothy wonder. The glitter cappuccino comes in two shades, silver and gold - and is only available at Coffee By Di Bella, a coffee chain based in Mumbai, India. Image: The closest you can get, before the trend inevitably hits London, will cost you a trip to Litchfield. Coffee shop Melbourne in Litchfield are already serving up a golde

Good news: Fewer teens are smoking. Bad news: They’re taking drugs instead.

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A quarter of 11-15 year-olds have tried substances at least once, studies reveal. Instead of smoking or drinking, teenagers in the UK are now more likely to use drugs. Swings and roundabouts... A national survey by NHS Digital, found 24% of teenagers between the age of 11-15 years say they had used a recreational drug at least once - this is a 9% increase since 2014. On the other hand, the survey found 19% of children say they had smoked cigarettes at least once, roughly the same as 2014, but much lower than the figure in 1996 when almost 50% children questioned, had smoked a cigarette. The survey also found 44% of secondary school students say they had tried alcohol. However, in 2016, the survey found the alcohol consumption rate among teenagers ranged from 15% in 11 year-o
Beyond the global #MeToo movement

Beyond the global #MeToo movement

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No matter what social media platform you are scrolling through, the #MeToo campaign, following emerging allegations about Harvey Weinstein, continues to reveal the terrifying magnitude of sexual harassment. And like all good campaigns, it has evolved into other hashtags and movements. France is having its own #MeToo movement. Just as women around the world have taken to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MeToo to share their own stories about harassment, women in France are speaking out too. French women have swamped the internet, tweeting with the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc — “expose your pig” —with hundreds of stories of aggression, assault, and harassment. French journalist Sandra Muller, started the campaign with a tweet #BalanceTonPorc, in which she shared her own