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Somebody threatened to expose Sia’s nudes but she responded in the best way

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The singer best known for keeping herself to herself with long wigs, discovered that a mystery person was attempting to sell nude photographs of her. https://twitter.com/whipithansen/status/927727744791732224 The person with the images informed a fan: “If you make the purchase it will be unblurred and you’ll receive an additional 14 images.” The image looks as though it’s a paparazzi shot, which has been taken from behind, but the source is still unknown. An early Christmas present from Sia on Monday night and a read between the lines message for the ‘nude business person’... Want to sell my nude? HAVE IT FOR FREE. https://twitter.com/sia/status/927726442154098688 She cleverly added the title of her latest album at the end of her tweet 'Everyday is Christmas' - she may a