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Death by cocaine rises to all time high, so why is everyone still taking it?

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Words: Leanne Hall | Subbing: Ainaa Mashrique London is known as the Capital of cocaine in Europe. The Daily Mail recorded that an estimated 700,000 people in Britain took the class A drug last year. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also reported that deaths due to cocaine rose by 16 per cent, a total of 371 deaths this year. The two "reasons" for consuming cocaine revolves around keeping up with the city life. One student, The Voice of London News spoke to said cocaine usage is high “due to its availability and the incredibly long, hard hours that people work. They feel the need to let loose, and more often than not to get them through the shifts.” Gordon Ramsey, renowned chef and TV star, has also looked into the world of cocaine by recently releasing a documentary about

Would you like some politics with that pitcher? Wetherspoons thinks so…

A favourite pre-drink spot for millennials, JD Wetherspoon, is sharing its own Brexit manifesto on 500,000 beer mats within 895 pubs across the UK. JD Wetherspoon stated: "The message calls on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable and MPs to stop messing about and endorse Wetherspoon's three point manifesto." The three point manifesto consists of the following: 1) "The UK should unilaterally and immediately grant rights of citizenship to legal EU immigrants." 2) "The EU currently charges taxes on food imported outside the EU. From March 2019, the government can and should eliminate these import taxes. This will result in a reduction in food prices in shops and pubs." 3) "From March 2019, the government should also stop paying the EU £200m per week. The money disappears into EU c