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Why the British Museum is anything but British

Why the British Museum is anything but British

Imagine someone walking into your house, studio or simply, your room. That someone believes it is okay to take some of your belongings and keep them around 5000 km away from you. Now let’s reflect. The British Museum claims to preserve a collection of around 8 million objects maintaining human history, culture and art ageing almost 2 million years. What they don’t claim is the right to treasure ownership. If it has not come to your attention yet, the museum stores world treasures previously taken under different circumstances from their rightful creators, owners and lands. The British Museum describes itself to be a “treasure trove” for objects that don’t even belong in Britain. Here is a quick tour on how the British Museum is anything but British:      
More than meets the eye: The museum of drug policy explores the deeper side of the “war on drugs”

More than meets the eye: The museum of drug policy explores the deeper side of the “war on drugs”

Entertainment, Exhibition
Words: Lavinia Petrucci | Subbing: Joanne Clark The museum of drug policy gives an insight into drug regulations and its criminalisation with the use of art and uplifting talks and workshops in the heart of Southwark. The museum of drug policy is a free pop museum that opened in the London Bridge area from the 3rd until the 5th of November. First launched in New York City in April 2016, and later in Montreal, the museum came to London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Release, a UK based non-profit organisation that provides specialist advice to the public and campaigns for the decriminalisation of drug use. With more than 60 pieces of art, the museum is aimed at demonstrating how drug policies affect communities from all over the world. Using art to convey this powerful message...

The V&A are going green with their newest fashion exhibition

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London's newest exhibition is making fashion sustainable. The Victoria and Albert Museum has revealed that its next fashion exhibition will centre around the fascinating, and sometimes bizarre, relationship between fashion and the natural world. Titled "Fashioned From Nature", the exhibition promises to showcase some of the best and brightest collaborations between mother nature and our favourite designers. Expect to see designs from legends such as Stella McCartney and Philip Treacy, and remember to keep your eyes peeled for standout pieces such as the clutch bag made entirely from pineapple fibre. Alongside looks from modern designers like Vivienne Westwood and Christian Dior, the museum will showcase fashions th...