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Coldplay’s “butterfly package” went out today and it’s already viral

Coldplay’s “butterfly package” went out today and it’s already viral

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Coldplay are releasing their latest live album today, December 7th, and it comes with a concert film. Following the release of A Head Full of Dreams, a documentary about the British band’s history by film director Mat Whitecross, today Coldplay are launching the “butterfly package”. It includes material from two of Coldplay's live shows in South America during their latest world tour in 2018, which was supporting A Head Full of Dreams, their 2015 album. There will be both a film and a record: the video is that of their performance in Saõ Paulo, Brazil, and the record is from Coldplay’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What can you buy today? The choice ranges from a set of two CDs and two DVDs, to three LPs and two DVDs, or you can get Live in

The London live events industry for women: Band guys and cable ties

Words: Kiera Chapman | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith Not every 21-year-old can work a high vis - nor can they say they've worked with some of the most exciting talent 2017's music scene has to offer. From Nothing But Thieves, to Fickle Friends and Declan Mckenna, Joanna Chidgey has witnessed them all, radio at the ready. Having graduated from Buckinghamshire New University with a degree in Music and Live Events management, Joanna has blossomed from pupil to professional. She now goes by the official title of Events and Promotion Assistant and yes, a badge does come with that. She kindly invites me in from a piercing November chill into her cosy home on the outskirts of London, and I am quick to ask her if she can recall her CV off by heart. "Reading Festival, Barn On The Farm, 1

PC Music at Heaven: hyperactive pop high’s and lows

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In a time where pop music is recycled, dull and mediocre, PC music might be the eruption of colour we need in a black and white industry. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton PC Music first presented its ridiculously sugary and relentlessly weird sonic movement to the world three years ago and was received with a mixture of enthusiasm, loathing and uncertainty. The question was asked whether was it a deliberately crap parody of today’s music or overly digitised music taken to invigorating new boundaries? Despite never properly breaking through to the charting mainstream, Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX have now collaborated with artists under the PC music brand – allowing for the cult-like fan base to continuously keep evolving. Their niche is tinny synth