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How important is history in sport today?

How important is history in sport today?

The sporting world is ever evolving and thus the history of clubs can often be forgotten. Sports fans are obsessed with success, but more so are obsessed with short term success. If a team begins to falter and fails to match its past achievements, they can lose much of what made them infamous or respected. One has to look no further than Liverpool FC for a clear example of this. To many people who watched football in the 70’s and 80’s, Liverpool were the dominant force in English football, a dynastic club that achieved unparalleled success in Europe and domestically, however now Liverpool’s reputation is nothing like this. Although performing well this season, Liverpool now have the reputation among many young football fans, of a team that relies on its history for relevance. This is
Why the British Museum is anything but British

Why the British Museum is anything but British

Imagine someone walking into your house, studio or simply, your room. That someone believes it is okay to take some of your belongings and keep them around 5000 km away from you. Now let’s reflect. The British Museum claims to preserve a collection of around 8 million objects maintaining human history, culture and art ageing almost 2 million years. What they don’t claim is the right to treasure ownership. If it has not come to your attention yet, the museum stores world treasures previously taken under different circumstances from their rightful creators, owners and lands. The British Museum describes itself to be a “treasure trove” for objects that don’t even belong in Britain. Here is a quick tour on how the British Museum is anything but British:      

Black History Month: 5 people to make you proud

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Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichdart It's Black History Month. During the month of October we celebrate what it means to be black, and how black people have truly changed the world. We can all think of iconic black figures like Malcolm X... but don't be fooled; black people in the UK are continuing to make history and break new records.   1. Stormzy       2. Edward Enninful   3. Anthony Joshua     4. Thandie Newton     5. Idris Elba The date has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years, providing art exhibitions, music events and celebrations. Make this month count and find out how you can get involved.   All images from