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You wanna cook? London’s Breaking Bad.

ABQ, situated in Hackney, is home to London’s very own Breaking Bad themed bar. At £30 a pop it sounds steep, even to hardcore fans of the hit TV series, so we thought we’d suss it out for you… Walking from Bethnal Green tube station, we had no idea what to expect. Then we saw it. A huge RV parked in a car park. No signs anywhere but this had to be it. “Sup, you here to cook?” a lady shouted at us from the open truck door. As we approached her she chucked fetching yellow boiler suits at us and told us to put them on. Walking up the stairs into the RV we were greeted with a high five from each of the people behind the bar. That was the second indication that it wasn’t going to be your average ‘out for drinks’ experience. As 90s tunes played, we were led to a table at the back of th