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New Game of Thrones teaser just dropped

New Game of Thrones teaser just dropped

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  Game of Thrones has just released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming, final season 8. With only a few months left until the premiere, the fans have long been waiting for a chance to peek behind the curtain. Is it what they were waiting for? Or just an appetiser before the actual trailer comes out? Even though the teaser is 39 seconds long and doesn’t show any actual footage, it’s enticing enough to push many into a winter-long binge of previous seasons. The scene shows two waves, one of fire and one of ice, both rapidly consuming a map of Westeros to eventually clash in the middle and leave nothing but destruction. It certainly leaves a lot to the imagination, but according to Casey Bloys, HBO programming president, w

Could this TV series be the new Game of Thrones?

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Words: Joanne Clark | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith As remakes seem to dominate the entertainment industry, Variety exclusively reports that Amazon Studios could be making a Lord of the Rings television series. Remakes and adaptations of already existing films and television shows are becoming more and more common. Just this year, we’ve seen the release of a live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’; a remake of the Stephen King classic ‘IT’; a new version of ‘The Mummy’ featuring Tom Cruise as the main character; and this Christmas will see the release of a new Jumanji film. Last night, however, there were reports that there could be a new version of a classic film trilogy. According to Variety, Amazon Studios are currently in talks with both Warner Bros. Television and the estate of the la

Game of Thrones fan? You can go to Westeros for a day

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Flying from London to the Game of Thrones’ land can only cost you about £15 and about 1 hour and 30 minutes of travel to Belfast in Northern Ireland, the country where about 80% of the the series is filmed. If you are looking for a short break from the city and you are a big Game of Thrones fan, visiting their filming locations across Northern Ireland can be an exciting experience. In approximately 10 hours, you can see the most important filming locations around, either by renting a car from £13 and plan your route or you can book a guided Game of Thrones Tour  starting from £35 and go by bus to the locations. If you make an early start by car, there will be plenty to see and you will do it at your own pace, and spend as much time as you like in the filming locations. A very nice t

Winter is coming… and so is the Game of Thrones exhibition

Looking for the perfect weekend activity? The new Game of Thrones exhibition is coming to London for one weekend only. Reporter: Cecilia Peruzzi | Sub-Editor: Holly Patrick Game of Thrones fans rejoice, for you might be back in Westeros sooner than you think! To celebrate the release of the season six DVD box set, a Game of Thrones exhibition is here for a fleeting visit in London. Open in Bethnal Green until the end of the weekend (honestly, how is that even enough?), the exhibition includes a collection of textiles, embroidery, costume designs, storyboards, and some pretty exciting stuff from behind the scenes. With costumes and jewellery worn by the show’s own Mother of Dragons on display (A.K.A. Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke) and Columbia Flower Market and