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House of Lords pass controversial mass surveillance law

House of Lords pass controversial mass surveillance law

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Could the extradition of Lauri Love and the ratification of the Investigatory Powers Bill affect internet activists? Reporter: Daniel Khalili-Tari US whistleblower Edward Snowden described the legislation as the “most extreme” surveillance system in the history of Western Democracy Last week, Lauri Love’s extradition to the US was approved by Home Secretary Amber Rudd. The alleged computer hacker who is said to of stolen confidential US government data has since appealed the decision. However, if Love is unsuccessful he could face up to 99 years in prison, according to his lawyers. The 31-year-old activist who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome is accused of hacking into sensitive US government databases, including the FBI, Nasa and the Federal Reserve Bank among others. It is be

Should We Be Welcoming The ‘Snoopers Charter’ With Open Arms?

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After the attacks in Paris, perhaps we should be welcoming the proposed ‘Surveillance powers bill’, to help prevent a similar tragedy on home soil. But do we really want to trade our freedom for our safety? A safety that wouldn’t even be guaranteed. Words: Corey Armishaw Sub Editor: Daisy Greenway   Since last Friday’s attacks in Paris, claims are flying around suggesting the attackers were communicating via encrypted messages. There have also been claims they messaged through Facebook. Both of these would be in sight of surveillance organizations in the UK if the proposed surveillance powers bill, dubbed “The Snoopers Charter” were to be passed. In the wake of such disasters comes an immediate emotional response. This response was the reason that in the United States, the