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BBC’s BMI Calculator Criticised for Lowering Self-Esteem

BBC’s BMI Calculator Criticised for Lowering Self-Esteem

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A recent BBC article has caused a stir of debate around the effects of weight on life expectancy. The research showed that an unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI) can cost you at least four years of life. To measure BMI, BBC included a calculator, which according to Paige Harris, 25 puts pressure on some people. She told to Voice of London: "I'm trying to help women with their self-esteem and eating disorders. When I saw this article in the news, I was very disappointed. I know how it is difficult for people, especially for girls, to deal with their mental health problems and they don't need this ridiculous pressure from media platforms.” To check BMI, online calculators ask for a person's height, weight, age, sex and waist size. After filling in the required information it gener

A fine line between veganism and eating disorder

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There is no denying that veganism is on the rise - more than 90% expansion in 'vegan' searches, according to Google Trends, and 40% increase in vegan sales.  Great news for the animals and the environment. But do we really care about the ethics? Or, is there something more? When I turned to plant-based lifestyle almost four years ago (WARNING: a cringy remark to follow), I entered the euphoric galaxy of ultimate enlightenment. Suddenly, the blurry interconnection between nutrition and overall health grew clear. Like many, I had had a long history of subconscious dieting, cleansing and starvation that always had the same grand finale of bingeing and gaining back double the lost weight. And, like for many, veganism was my last resort.  I too, was well-aware of the dark secrets of t