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A fine line between veganism and eating disorder

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There is no denying that veganism is on the rise - more than 90% expansion in 'vegan' searches, according to Google Trends, and 40% increase in vegan sales.  Great news for the animals and the environment. But do we really care about the ethics? Or, is there something more? When I turned to plant-based lifestyle almost four years ago (WARNING: a cringy remark to follow), I entered the euphoric galaxy of ultimate enlightenment. Suddenly, the blurry interconnection between nutrition and overall health grew clear. Like many, I had had a long history of subconscious dieting, cleansing and starvation that always had the same grand finale of bingeing and gaining back double the lost weight. And, like for many, veganism was my last resort.  I too, was well-aware of the dark secrets of t

Has social media changed dieting?

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Dieting was once boring and rigorous. With the rise of Instagram, a broader information accessibility and a better understanding of nutrition, has our approach changed? Opening a random Instagram account is enough to notice that our relationship with food has undergone a substantial change over the years. Artfully composed acai bowls with frozen berries and creamy, colourful textures; roses gently cut out of soft avocados; milky leaves drawn on fuming matcha lattes; food is, unsurprisingly, something we love sharing. Social media plumped the visual appeal of nutrition and food porn is, evidently, a thing. The way we relate to food is often conflicting. It represents one of the key elements of our existence, yet, at the same time, it partly measures our self-worth and confidence.  

Cutting meat out of your diet will not make you look like your super skinny vegan friend

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Having recently learned that pigs have the ability to learn to play video games faster than your average three year-old (I swear, fact check me), I revisited my yearning to cut meat out of my diet despite my horrific lack of willpower. When talking to a friend about just this, she mentioned she would only cut meat out of her diet as a means of losing weight. This had me wondering, would simply just cutting meat out of my diet facilitate weight loss? Seems too easy - and it is. But, only to an extent. While cutting meat out of your diet can aid in weight-loss, it takes a fair amount of nutritional education to be sure that you are getting enough protein, not too many carbohydrates, and maintaining a balanced diet while trying to lose weight as a vegan or vegetarian. I had...