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5 ways you can save money this party season

5 ways you can save money this party season

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We all know how expensive it is to go out in London, here's some tips on how you can save money if you're a party animal. I may be smiling but inside I’m crying knowing that I could have made these drinks much cheaper at home, instead of having to work an entire shift to afford it! So, here they are: 1. Buy advanced tickets for a night out, so plan earlier. 2. Take a big bag so you can squeeze your coat in, save that £2 to pay for some of your meal deal tomorrow. 3. Food! Make a packed lunch before you go out. That way you save £56 on buying food after a night out in London. 4. Pack your bag with suitable footwear, so you don't need to buy a pair of flip flops on your way home. 5. Pre drink properly, but responsibly.         W

Measurements in London: investigations confirm Love Island’s Kem Cetinay is not 5″10

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Voice of London visited this year's Love Island winner Kem Cetinay, last night at Watford Pryzm, to find out if he truly is 5"10, as he raps in his latest debut single, alongside Love Island's third place Chris Hughes. Armed with a tape measure, we went to find out if we could take some measurements of the newly formed rapper. However, unlike in the villa Kem was not partaking in any banter at all and was a 'little bit leave it' about the situation, telling us: "no no, I am not doing that, I only take pictures." But we furthered our investigations, measuring myself in at 5"4, standing alongside Kem, we can clearly see that he is not 5"10. A revised lyric that appears to be more appropriate: 'My name is Kem, I'm 5"6 and I only do pics.' Amb...
Clubbing with a disability

Clubbing with a disability

People with disabilities often stay home in the weekends because they struggle to get into clubs. Reporter: Maria Llamas | Sub-Editor: Shingirai Mupfupi For people with disabilities, it is a huge challenge to go out on weekends. Apart from having to face discrimination, assumptions caused by lack of information and problems of communication; they also have to deal with physical barriers. The night tube might be great – but what if you have a disability? Sometimes, trying to go out with their friends is a terrible experience. George, 23, a wheelchair user told Voice of London: “It starts with finding a place which has accessibility, if the venue is ‘inclusive’, whether the toilets are accessible or even travelling there”. Umesh Raichada, the development officer at the Harrow As