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Why the British Museum is anything but British

Why the British Museum is anything but British

Imagine someone walking into your house, studio or simply, your room. That someone believes it is okay to take some of your belongings and keep them around 5000 km away from you. Now let’s reflect. The British Museum claims to preserve a collection of around 8 million objects maintaining human history, culture and art ageing almost 2 million years. What they don’t claim is the right to treasure ownership. If it has not come to your attention yet, the museum stores world treasures previously taken under different circumstances from their rightful creators, owners and lands. The British Museum describes itself to be a “treasure trove” for objects that don’t even belong in Britain. Here is a quick tour on how the British Museum is anything but British:      
UK customers left out of pocket thanks to phone network companies

UK customers left out of pocket thanks to phone network companies

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Greedy mobile phone network companies rip off customers with hidden costs, warns Citizen watchdog. Citizen Advice, the leading consumer charity in the UK, found that three out of four leading mobile phone network services have been overcharging their loyal customers. "It’s dishonest not telling us, they're lying by omission.” The new research claims that people are still being charged for handsets they’ve already paid off due to companies not lowering contract prices after the fixed term period. If you buy a phone on contract, as most of us do (because who has a spare £700 lying around?) After that fixed term period the cost of the phone is paid for and you should change your contract, or you could end up paying out hundreds of pounds paying for a phone that you already own

7 reasons NOT to go to Winter Wonderland this year

Whether you’re going to take a wintery Instagram pic or just need an excuse to add whiskey to your hot chocolate at 4pm, it’s time to finally accept it - Winter Wonderland is just not that great. At the risk of being a big old Scrooge, here’s seven reasons why it might be better to stay home this Christmas season. Reporter: Hannah Grafton | Sub-Editor: Frances Cullen   1. The prices Despite having free entry, Winter Wonderland is infamous for it’s inflated prices, and also provides us with the extra setback of having little to no card machines. Eat before you go, or be prepared to pay more for mulled wine and a hot dog than you’ve spent on your Mum’s Christmas present. Priorities. 2. The cold As it’s essentially a huge fairground, it goes without saying that Winter Wonde