Stylists Need Women in the UK to Know their Body Types

Are you tired of not being able to wear the things you like because they don’t sit right on you? Does your wardrobe look like it’s crying out for a change? Stylists are urging the women of the UK to learn their body shapes in order to be able to dress it right.

Reporter: Pinar Djafer | Sub-editor: Grace Brown

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Created with Bitmoji

Wardrobe stylists have revealed that the trick for looking incredible is knowing your silhouette and choosing the pieces that are proportionate for your body type. You could be adding width and losing height to your proportion just by dressing your body in the wrong pieces.

Fashion student at the London College of Contemporary Arts, Paloma Laudat, 21 said: “Studying fashion teaches you that the best clothes are not always the ones that are trending. The right pieces in fashion are the ones that are designed for the model and are able to bring out the model’s assets and conceal her flaws.”

Most of us are familiar with the several British make-up shows that take various members of the public and transform them into the “better” and more fashionable versions of themselves. In the past we’ve seen shows like Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked and Snog Marry Avoid? Now, Channel 5 has produced the show even more advanced show, 100% Hotter, which sees members of the public going through a makeup, hair and fashion transformation. The candidates are placed in front of an electronic “magic mirror” that outlines their silhouette and displays virtual outfits without the candidate having to physically try on clothes.

Although we can’t all own a magic mirror, this part of the show is great for demonstrating to us how important it is to understand our silhouette before dressing it.

If you haven’t got a magic mirror or a personal stylist, don’t worry. In Fashionality, Gemma Ismail and the Voice of London fashion team have handpicked the right styles and cuts for your wardrobe based on your body type. We promise that they’ll look better on you than on a hanger!

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