Stormzy taking over Glastonbury 2019 stage

Glastonbury Festival 2019 first headliner has been announced. Stormzy, the up-and-coming grime artist, will be the first rapper to perform on the Pyramid stage.

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Clues of the opening set first appeared in a window of the Oxfam shop in Streatham, where a poster was put up and according to social media, others showed up around the Somerset event site.

Since the news started spreading, Stormzy aka Michael Omari, posted on his Instagram page sharing the official poster with the caption: “THE HEADLINE ACT-GLASTONBURY 2019, well let’s be f****** having ya then.”

Glastonbury Festival said in an official statement: “We’re delighted to announce that Stormzy is confirmed as the first headliner for Glastonbury 2019. The multi award-winning British MC will headline the Pyramid Stage on Friday, June 28th.”

The South London artist performed at Glastonbury in 2017 on The Other stage following the major success of the album Gangs Signs and Prayers, and has gone on to have a busy year. The 25 year-old performed at the Brit awards, launched a publishing imprint for new voices, Merky Books, founded a scholarship with Cambridge university for black students and the latest achievement, his autobiography, Rise up.

The unexpected headline announcement got fans wondering if Stormzy will be releasing a new album before his appearance on the festival stage, but the pesky world of Internet didn’t let this pass.

Quick was the backlash on Twitter claiming the artist is not worth the privilege of taking over the scene with only one album to his name.


Although some festival goers are said to be ‘utterly disappointed’, the decision has split the crowd with plenty of fans hailing it was an ‘excellent move’.

Glastonbury tickets sold out in 30 minutes on the day of release last month, but for those of you still looking for one, don’t panic another batch will be on sale in April next year.
The complete line-up will be announced in March and among the big names, the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue is tipped to be taking on the Sunday afternoon Legends Slot.

The Voice of London reached out to Wired PR for a comment.
Glastonbury Festival will take place on 26-30 June 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Words: Federica Riondino | Subbing: Millie Davy-McVay

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