Say NO to seasonal depression

“Depression is the ability of the body to say no.”- Nossrat Peseschkian

For the majority, winter comes with positive thoughts of the Holidays, a New Year, festive songs and gifts. As always winter crept up imperceptibly. And along with it is sadness, irritability, apathy, which now can be called with full confidence the winter spleen.

Interestingly, in women, seasonal depression occurs four times more often than in men. That’s immediately something to ponder what to do about it. Depression is not something to fight against; is not something that you just need to forget and experience. Depression is a beacon that points to people, experiences, things, events that it’s time to let them go.

Read and follow three easy steps that will help you and teach you to combat the effects of seasonal depression.

Seeing depression is an ability

Praise yourself for your ability. Ask yourself: what is the time to say no in my life? Think of five things or ways that will help you to give up this as easy as possible. What more needs to be in your life so you can easily say no.

Depression is an opportunity! The time of the winter spleen will clearly show you what you can definitely refuse, which means that new opportunities are already rushing towards you. Having abandoned one thing, our brain immediately scrolls through hundreds of possible options and leads to every event, thing or relationship that has long been needed and will be desired in our life.

See the opportunities behind depression

If depression helps you say no to certain things or events, then to what is the time to say yes? Depression is a reboot! In times of greatest emotional decline, we need sources of content more than before. And although the phase of the energy bottom is similar to a collapse of energy, it is characterized by such feelings as a sense of sacrifice, a slight touch of feeling. A feature of this condition is the rejection of a source of energy, a sense of separation from the world, fading until death. That is why knowledge of the sources of its content will greatly help in such a difficult period.

Know and apply your sources of content

What are they like? Physical, cognitive, emotional or energetic? Perhaps a combination of all in the right proportion to you? When hitting our emotional bottom, there is a rejection of sources that fill us with happiness, so it is important to catch yourself even in a decline of activity.

If our body did not need depression for further functioning, it would not happen to us! And since it systematically looks into our doors under the guise of winter spleen, it’s time to unpack the chest that it brings. And see your abilities, discover new opportunities and help yourself go through an annual reboot.

Words: Xenia Puiu

Images: Ian Espinosa on Unsplash, Gabriel on Unsplash, Xenia Puiu

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