Sappenin podcast with Sean Smith
Sean Smith, frontman of British-band The Blackout is now live on all streaming platform with his hilarious podcasts.
The first episode which aired November 30th is available for download but you can find down below a calendar of his upcoming dates.
Dec 7th
Episode 2: Good times & good stories with The Blackout.
Dec 14th
Episode 3: Aled Phillips and his time with Kids in Glasshouses.
Dec 21st
Episode 4: Jason Perry on A, producing TBO, kigh, Don bronco etc.
Dec 28th
Episode 5: Dougie Poynter. Talks Mcfly, being in A, his mate “sir Dave” swearing about dinosaur fossils.
It will be available from Spotify, Apple podcasts and Acast. There also different trailers from the one on my socials, on these links below.
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