Sam Smith is latching on to his Gender Fluidity

Words: Demi Bailey-Paul | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith

Sam Smith states he doesn’t put a label on his gender identity saying he is ‘as much woman’ as he is man.

With his new album The Thrill Of It All set to be released on November 3rd and the leading single Too Good at Goodbyes topping the charts, Sam Smith has truly made a comeback, rightfully reclaiming his throne as the Pop King. This return comes after a hiatus of three years, in which we were all patiently awaiting his return.

Smith said: “I do not know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am man” in an interview with The Sunday Times. He opened up about gender identity and the gender fluidity he feels, now he has become more comfortable in his own skin since coming out as gay. In the past, Smith has spoken about coming to terms with his sexuality and having acceptance within himself. A progression can be seen in his song writing as lyrically, his songs have connected with so many.

The ballad artist also spoke of the songs in the album showing more of his “growth” and “confidence” than previous songs as he doesn’t have “fear of saying the wrong thing.” He could owe this growing confidence to a location change, as he moved from a small village to London where he began to find himself. This news comes at a time where we can recognise the music industry becoming more accepting to gender fluidity and allowing more artists to speak freely about their sexuality.

Many other artists have come forward, with the likes of Frank Ocean, although not the first, it was a bold move for a black man to come out as gay in the black music industry.

The same can be said for artist Kehlani, as she has recently become more open about her sexuality on Instagram and in her new single Honey. In recent news, Paloma Faith also stated in an interview with the Mirror that she will be raising her child as gender neutral.


Sam Smith will be touring the UK in 2018.





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