Netflix embroiled: Satanic Temple sues Sabrina makers over statue design

Screen grab via Netflix

The show might be all about halloween, but the nightmares just got real for makers of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

It hasn’t been long since reboot of Sabrina landed on Netflix, and it has already caught much attention, both for good and bad.

The Satanic Temple activist group filed a lawsuit claiming show-makers have copied the design of their goat deity (Baphomet) statue in their programme.

Both production companies, Netflix and Warner Bros, have declined to comment on the matter.

Cofounder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves posted a tweet to compare the levels of similarities between the statue used in four episodes of the programme to that of their deity.

This move has launched a debate on twitter, where opinions range from hurt over the stolen artwork rights, to defence of the show’s authenticity considering its fictional status, and has even emboiled religion into the whole mess.


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Words: Meghna Agarwal | Subbing: Claire Chung

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